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Urologist Case Study

A leading urologist in California receives over 100% increases in website sessions, patient form submissions, and phone calls in only three months.

Based in Orange County, California, this urology practice comprised of three physicians faced stiff competition in the online marketing arena. Although they maintained a website, the optimization both onsite and offsite was not contributing to the growth of their online presence. Because of this, they didn’t maintain a high ranking on SERPs, thus causing a loss of potential patients.

What we did

Starting with design that met all standards of WCAG 2.0, Practis was able to create an engaging website that stood out in their highly competitive market. With ample study of the dominant keywords in the area, Practis successfully optimized the website by creating strong content to reach their core demographic, seeing almost instant jumps in ranking. In doing so, the group saw a substantial increase in new users and conversions that came directly from the site. With a hefty clean up of offsite properties including social media and Google My Business, Practis has also branded the group as an authority in the area by keeping all details, including name, address, and phone number consistent across the board.

How they won

From April 2018 to June 2019, this practice has seen and continues to see substantial results including:

Increase in Users


Increase in Website Sessions


Increase in Form Submissions