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How Can Directory Listings Help My Online Presence?

If you’re currently working with a marketing professional, or have previously partnered with any sort of online guru, there’s a high chance that you’ve heard the term NAP used. In a nutshell, your NAP is just describing what information is being found online about your business. More specifically, it’s your Name, Address, and Phone Number. With hundreds of sites constantly indexing your information, you’re certainly going to want it to be correct across the board. So, how can you do this quickly and efficiently?

Start with what listings you have

Listings Management for Your Online ReputationBefore you start making new listings, make sure that you focus on what is already there. Do you know exactly where you’re listed on the internet, and how? Unless you monitor your business information online each and every day, there’s a high chance that you only know about 25% of your listings, and that’s only because they show up high in search results. But what about the ones that don’t show up on page one or two of Google? 

Do a scan and look at the numbers

The easiest thing to do at the start is to run a quick scan of all of your listings. While you could certainly do this manually, it may take you a long time to accomplish it, and let’s face it, you don’t have that much time to worry about your online entities. Marketing agencies will often have a quick solution for you that will scan all of your listings and provide you with a full report of where you’re currently indexed. For instance, our Practis Listings Scan will do just that in a matter of seconds. This tool will even provide you with a percentage value of how many listings you have, and how many are inaccurate. Sitting at a 40% accuracy rate? It might be time to let us do the work for you. 

“After page two, nobody will find them”

While we often say this about your organic listing, it’s just not something that is always true. Let’s say you’ve run your listings scan and found that you have 27 inaccurate listings. Think about how many different ways one could search for “flu shots in Charlotte NC.” There are hundreds of variations including the locality and key terms. So while a rogue, incorrect listing may not be ranking page one for a certain search phrase, that doesn’t mean that it’s not ranking page one for another phrase. Why take the risk of allowing someone to find that inaccurate listing? Instead, take the next step and run your scan, get your results, and then…

Correct the listings quickly

By using the same software that scans the listings, it’s easy to adjust the listings quickly and with accuracy. Instead of claiming each listing one-by-one, we have the ability to use that scan data, create a master listing, and then push that corrected information to all of those sources. Within a matter of days, you’ll begin to see each of those listings generate the new, corrected data, allowing users to navigate to your site, send you an email, or call your business with ease. 

Don’t miss out on the “other”listings either

If you’re going to correct those listings that you’ve missed out on, it’s imperative to push that data to all accessible listings, including those that are healthcare specific. At Practis, we have the ability to push your listings to over 75 online directories and monitor those listings in real time. If you’ve recently brought on a new physician, or you are moving offices, the web needs to know about those changes! Think of these directory listings as “mini sites” that are generating links and traffic for you. We’ll continuously monitor these sites to ensure that they are corrected with your updated information (even holiday hours), and make sure they’re getting you the right, relevant traffic based on your categories. After all, someone searching for pizza wouldn’t want to come across a cardiologist…or would they?

Get started

For more information about cleaning up your directory listings and submitting your information to new, healthcare specific listings, contact Practis today!


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