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How to Improve the Usability of Your Online Bill Pay Form

Hosted payment forms allow medical practices and healthcare organizations to securely accept credit and debit cards through their website.

The actual payment page has the look and feel of the merchant’s site, but the entire transaction happens on a hosted, third-party server. This approach shifts the liability away from the merchant, helping to reduce credit card fraud, identity theft and security breaches.  However, given the ease of hosted online bill pay forms, many merchants often neglect the importance of conversion and usability. Don’t make this mistake. As a practice, you still must take proactive steps to convert users even if a third party is responsible for the actual transaction. Here are a few tips you should consider:

online-bill-pay-medical1. A/B Test Different Payment Pages

One of the most reliable ways to boost conversion rates is to use multiple versions of your payment pages. At Practis, we offer customization options for Practis Pay that allow you to experiment with different variations. Over time, you can determine which hosted payment form delivers the highest and most consistent results.

2. Don’t Neglect Mobile Payment Forms

Mobile browsing is on the rise worldwide. From just 2009 to 2011, mobile browser market share grew by a staggering 1000 percent. And in one three-month period in 2013, mobile browsing increased by 26 percent. The lesson is clear – your online bill pay form needs to be mobile-friendly.

3. Keep It Simple

Because you’re able to design your own online bill pay form with Practis Pay, we recommend keeping required information to an absolute minimum. If you don’t need to capture email addresses to complete a transaction, don’t ask for them. Each additional field creates another hurdle for would-be patients to overcome.

4. Allow for Recurring Payments

With recurring payments, users initiate the transaction one time, and then all subsequent purchases happen automatically month after month. When setting up your online bill pay form with Practis Pay, we strongly recommend enabling recurring payments.

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If you need help setting up online bill pay for your practice or if you want additional tips on how to better optimize your current form, please contact Practis.

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