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New! Now accept ACH Payments with Practis Pay

We’re excited to announce that Practis Pay now supports ACH payments.

ACH processing has become more important than ever as ACH is much less expensive to process payments. The larger your average payment is, the more savings you see.

accepting-ach-payments-websiteFor example, if your average patient payment is $100, a credit card transaction fee with a rate of 2.9% means a merchant fee of $2.90. However, that same transaction using ACH would mean a flat fee of $0.50. Over a year, if you had 500 $100 ACH transactions you would save $1,200 in merchant fees. 

Keep in mind that an ACH transaction is different than a debit card transaction. While both come out of a patient’s bank account, the processing for each transaction is different. With ACH,  by providing you with their routing and bank account number, patients are authorizing you to debit their bank account.

Learn more about accepting ACH payments through your medical website

If you would like to learn more or would like to get started, please contact our sales team.