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Should I Optimize for Bing?


Bing Optimizations

The short answer….yes! Google may be the heavy-hitter when it comes to search engines, but studies show that 33 percent of traffic comes from Bing. Bing’s intuitive search features and sleek design might make it even more popular in the future, so it’s important to know how to optimize your site on Bing. Here are a few tips on optimizing for Bing:

1. Backlink…a lot – Linking is an important SEO tactic for every search engine. On Bing, utilizing backlinks and outbound links to credible websites increases search engine rankings. Keep in mind that spammy sites are still going to hurt your rankings.

2. Choose keywords wisely – Bing emphasizes using no more than two target keywords per page to improve Bing search engine rankings. Use long-tail keyphrases that include the one or two words you want to target.

3. Meta Tags are back – Word on the street is that Google doesn’t take meta tags into account when ranking sites. However, Bing rewards your site if there’s a unique description and title tag on each page of your website.

4. Focus on length of content – Google likes posts short and sweet. Bing prefers the opposite. To compromise, make sure each posts contains at least 300 – 500 words to improve rankings on Bing and maintain a good ranking on Google.

5. Anchor text – The best way to do internal linking on Bing is to use keywords as an anchor text to link to internal content. It’s also important that the two pages being linked have similar content.

6. Continue all normal SEO practices – There are certain things that set Bing and Google apart, but in general, the two are very similar. Continue to use H1 tags, keywords in the URL, text navigation links and keyword friendly content and you’re golden on both Bing and Google.

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