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Understanding the Importance of Interaction Website Design

UX web design

Interaction design streamlines a website and creates a more memorable, meaningful experience for your users. The most successful interactive designers create websites based on logic and thought out behaviors and actions.

There are some key things that separate interaction design from regular website design.

Understand your audience

The most important thing when designing an online experience is understanding your user and what they are looking for. Specifically understanding who they are, their demographics, how they use the web and on what devices they use for search provides valuable insight for designers.

Aesthetically pleasing never trumps usability

The most successful websites improve the satisfaction and productivity for users visiting the website. While aesthetics are important, a clean simple website that ensures learnability falls into the category of interaction design.

Anticipate the needs and wants of the consumer

An interaction designer has a deeper understanding of what people do when visiting a website. They’re aware that people don’t want to search a website for an extended period of time to reach their end goal. Being able to anticipate and produce a website that fulfills a user’s needs takes sufficient usability testing.This principle also gives designers the opportunity to prevent errors by providing clear instructions throughout the site.

Be smart about color

Did you know that approximately 10 percent of males and one percent of females have some form of color blindness? Therefore, it’s important to test your site on color-blind individuals to make sure content is easy to read for all potential users. Having said that, interaction designers can’t rely only on using colors to create hierarchy and steer people through a site. Utilizing other visual cues, like proper typography, iconography and user feedback (testing), improve user experience more.

Focus on efficiency of the user

Less is more when it comes to interaction website design. Providing too many options and features can take away from the primary function. Avoid unnecessary features, break more complex tasks into smaller tasks and limit functions.

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