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Why is my google places listing not showing up on searches?

The answer – your Google Places listing needs to be both verified and optimized

You may have noticed that Google has recently merged Google Places with Google+ and is now calling it Google My Business. So in order for your company to be found on Google Maps, you now need to create and optimize a Google+ page.

Here are some of the top reasons why your organization isn’t showing up in search results. google-maps-image

  1. Make sure the information on your Google Places page is correct. You’d be surprised how many times it’s not. Also, refrain from creating duplicate listings based on variations of your businesses name. It’s a good idea not to confuse Google.
  2. Double check your phone number. Both iPhone and Android users (and most other smart phones) use Google Places in their directory look-up apps. You’ll end up getting more calls from your Google Places page than from your website.
  3. Is your logo and branding present on your Google Places page? Once your Google Places page is verified, updated imagery can be added. You can also add videos from YouTube and up to 10 photos. If your page has neither a logo or a custom wallpaper, Google will likely show a competitors page who has one, before they show yours.
  4. What do your reviews say about you? Reputation management is very important to any business. Make sure that you respond appropriately to reviews. This lets your patients know that you’re listening. Do the pages that are shown instead of yours have a better rating or more reviews overall? Because Google wants to provide the best results for their visitors, they actually take reviews into account. Bottom line, your customers have a huge say in your rankings.
  5. Categorize your listing. Google uses categories to place your Google Places page in the right searches. Without proper optimization, your listing won’t display keyword rich categories and, therefore, won’t get found.
  6. Is your Google Places page linked to your website? If not, you may need to add some extra code from your website to do so. This lets Google know that your website is affiliated with this particular Page.

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