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How to Improve Your Patient Form Process

Does this sound like your office? Your patient shows for their appointment on time. They check in and you hand them forms to fill out. Your nurse, and doctor, wait while your patient completes their forms.

This patient intake process, and its associated inefficiency, are symptomatic of an analog process stuck in a digital world. Isn’t time to change, and improve, that outdated workflow?

The new patient intake process – less waiting and more care.

parent completing online form

So how can you make this happen? There are a couple of easy to adopt options.

  1. Before your patient arrives for their visit with your office, ask them to visit your website and complete your forms securely online. By doing so, you receive the information you need in a legible format ahead of the patient visit. No waiting by patients, doctors and staff.
  2. At the time a patient calls into your office to schedule their appointment, have your front office staff direct them to your website to complete their paperwork. Be sure to add a colorful call out or button so that your online forms are easily found on your site.
  3. If your scheduling software provides an option to send secure email and or SMS (text), add a short reminder to visit your website and complete your secure online forms.

This efficiency allows for improved patient satisfaction, increased patient throughput and a more efficient practice.

Medical and dental records and reports

In addition to collecting patient information, there are times when patients need to provide their prior medical reports, records and or diagnostic images. This typically happens when a patient gets referred to your office or is looking for a second opinion.

Adding a HIPAA compliant file upload feature to your online form will allow you to collect this information ahead of time in a secure way. If a patient is looking for a second opinion, adding a secure online appointment request or online referral form that includes a file upload feature will allow you to gather all the necessary history and reports to better assess the patient.

Routine well child visit questionnaires

If your a family practice doctor or pediatrician, having parents try to complete your lengthy well child visit questionnaires prior to their child’s visit is feat. Kids may be running around the waiting room, parents are distracted, you are left waiting while this is all going on.

Parents would love an option to hop on your website and complete your well child visit questionnaire anytime that’s convenient for them –  after they put their kids to bed or down for a nap. They can focus and provide you with more complete information.

A HIPAA-compliant medical and dental form solution

As an industry leader in customizable online forms, Practis Forms is a HIPAA compliant form builder for medical and dental practices, hospitals and other healthcare organizations. Adding well child visit questionnaires, online consent forms with esignature capability, and secure file upload and form scoring are all the here and now.

Practis Forms will soon offer an API that will allow you to directly integrate with your EHR. In addition, patients can pay their bill easily, and securely, right on your website. Powered by Practis Form’s payment integration with BluePay, Practis Pay allows you also improve your cash flow.

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