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Practis Forms “Tip-bits”

What does enhanced security mean for you?

We made a recent announcement regarding the addition of our new enhanced security feature within Practis Forms. Although the feature was not mandatory prior to this, it is now becoming a standard. Here’s a recap of the new features for those who may have missed the initial message: 

  • Three Security Questions : Users will now be prompted to answer three security questions before continuing to the Practis Forms control panel. As the security questions’ answers are saved, the user’s IP addressed will be registered within the system.
  • Future Login Security : On future logins from different IP addresses, the user will be required to answer one of the three security questions in addition to supplying their username and password before continuing to the control panel.
  • Reset Password Security : During an attempt to reset a password, users will now be prompted to answer a security question. If correctly answered, an email will be sent to reset the password.

Our tip to you? Keep your questions simple, but make sure it’s something only you know. While you’ll certainly want to remember the answer, you’ll also want to take full advantage of this feature!

Interested in learning more about this feature? Contact our support team!