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Practis Forms “Tip-bits”

Build a form that converts with the right fields!

People use online forms for the sake of convenience, so if your form is confusing and uses a confusing series fields there’s a change they’ll become frustrated and abandon that form rather quickly.  

Building a form that will be user friendly to both current and new patients is simple–if you know how the differences between the styles of fields. Here’s a quick list of field types, and below we’ll outline how a few can be used properly. 

  • Radio Button vs. Check Box : While these two can seem very similar, they should be used in different situations. The easiest way to think about it is to use a radio button for “or” questions and a check box for “and” questions. For example; a radio button can be used when you ask yes or no questions like “does your arm hurt when you throw a ball,” whereas a check box can be used for “check all of the areas that are painful.” 
  • Text vs. Text Area : These two are similar, but should be used in different situations with regards to character limits. Text areas provide a larger space in which a patient can write details. A normal text box, however, will limit their spacing and should be used for shorter answers. 
  • Phone vs. Number : While you can certainly use a number field for a phone number, it’s best to lead the users to exactly what you want. If you’re looking for a phone number, go ahead and use the phone field. If you’re looking for quantity, use the number field. 

For any further questions about your Practis forms, or to learn more about any features, please use our support system!


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