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Urology Specialist Case Study

Practis takes a popular urology specialist in Salt Lake City, UT to the next level with strong online conversion and patient acquisition.

urology website on devices

Seeking growth in their local market of Salt Lake City, a urology specialist sought Practis to help navigate the tunnels of online patient acquisition. Although their business was already steady, the challenge was acquiring 1,548 total searched while keeping their branding consistent through all online channels.

urology specialist website on laptop

What we did

After creating a stellar website that accurately depicted the client’s mission in the community, Practis took quick action in solidifying them as a thought leader on urology treatment. By developing robust content, creating consistent search engine optimization campaigns, and monitoring monthly analytics, the practice has become a top-ranking authority in their local area and beyond. With the ability to analyze all incoming traffic and control each part of the overall campaign, Practis has created a fully functioning marketing silo that continues to feed results.

How they won

From 2nd quarter of 2017 to the 4th quarter of 2017, this medical practice has seen and continues to see substantial results including:

Increase in average monthly visits


Total searches via Google My Business


Increase in Organic Traffic

Achieved Search Rankings

urinary tract infection treatment salt lake city – page 1, number 1

urologist mill creek ut – page 1, number 1

bph treatment utah – page 1, number 1 & 2

erectile dysfunction treatment salt lake city – page 1, number 2

urinary incontinence salt lake city – page 1, number 1

urolift treatment salt lake city ut – page 1, number 1