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Search Engine Marketing

Digital marketing campaigns designed to target potential patients and maximize conversions.


Search Engine Marketing (also known as PPC) using Google Adwords, Facebook, Bing and others can help to immediately get your site in front of millions of people who are searching online every day.  By designing targeted ads and relevant website landing pages,  we can improve your results.

Because we continually measure performance and edit campaigns to optimize results, our clients can enjoy control over their advertising spend and reach. Not only can we specify where and when to advertise but also provide budget recommendations, discuss how much per lead and identify appropriate conversion opportunities.

Benefits of Search Engine Marketing

Today search results have become more saturated with paid advertisements which is why search engine marketing campaigns have become increasingly important in an overall multi-channel medical marketing effort.

As a Google Certified Partner, we are trusted to run targeted search engine marketing campaigns that will help you identify where to focus your marketing budget and help you achieve the highest ROI. Program details include:

  • Immediate search engine presence
  • Get return on investment (ROI) sooner from your website
  • Budget is set by you and can be changed on-the-fly
  • Target locations, demographics, time of day users or mobile devices
  • Test effectiveness of ad messages, call to action phrases or landing page design quickly
  • Gather instant statistics on customer retention and conversions
  • Regulate traffic volume and campaign spend
  • Saturate your target market while demand is high for your product or service

Our online marketing staff will discuss strategies and opportunities specific to your situation.