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Healthcare Pricing Tool

Practis Pricing helps providers meet new price transparency requirements.

As patients bear increased responsibility for the cost of their care, they seek pricing information to help them better plan for out-of-pocket costs.  As hospitals prepare for the new price transparency rule, they seek easy-to-implement and easy-to-manage solutions for meeting these new requirements.

An innovative, cost-effective tool to help with providing healthcare pricing on your website

Be a market leader and provide patients with the pricing information they seek. Whether mandated or not, providing pricing information to patients allows them to better understand and prepare for the cost of their care. In addition, posting pricing information allows you as a medical or dental provider to stand out and compete in your market. How? For certain services, practices compete with hospitals that invest in outpatient facilities. However, practices can deliver those services at a much lower cost. Why not use this to your advantage and promote your fees

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How Practis Pricing helps

With our easy-to-implement WordPress plugin,  Practis Pricing helps you to provide and manage health and dental pricing on your website.

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Stay compliant with new hospital price transparency requirements

Hospital and long-term care facilities are required to publish a listing of their standard and shoppable service charges online and update that pricing information on an annual basis. Practis Pricing is an easy option for meeting price transparency requirements for searching, managing, and exporting your pricing in a machine-readable format.

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Easy-to-install WordPress plugin

An easy-to-add tool that allows providers to add and update pricing information on their medical or dental website. Best of all, the Practis Pricing plugin can be added to any WordPress website.

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Helps patients search for and view your pricing

Using Practis Pricing, patients can easily search or filter by service type to obtain standard pricing information by procedure code.

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Decrease bad debt

By understanding the cost of treatment, patients can budget for expenses and look for financing options. As a provider, this means that you can be proactive with your billing and collections, minimizing bad debt.

HIPAA web forms

Patients can securely request a cost estimate

Using Practis Forms , patients can request a cost estimate right from your website. Use the information provided to generate a personalized estimate based on the patient’s insurance and site of service for their procedure.

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Interested in adding Practis Pricing to your medical or dental WordPress website?

It’s easy to get started. Reach out to Practis for more information on healthcare pricing plugin licensing.

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