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2017 eHealthcare Leadership Award – Best Overall Website!

CentraSight is a medical device company treating impaired vision caused by AMD. They designed a new, custom patient facing website with Practis to update the visual look and feel of the site as well as improve the functionality. Their new website is also responsive, providing an easy user experience on any device.

CentraSight’s Custom Website Includes:

  • Secure online forms. Website visitors can easily fill out an online form to see if they are a candidate for the device. Learn more about Practis Forms.
  • Text size options. Visitors can increase the text size throughout the entire website, making it easier to read.
  • Surgeon locator. Users can search by zip code to find a surgeon near them.
  • News coverage. A video gallery highlights news stories and demonstration videos of the CentraSight device.
  • Use of a multi-site network to better support the different types of users their website needs to support.
  • A video gallery to better highlight and display media across different view ports.