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Patient Education Animations

A library of tutorials on a number of health conditions and procedures.

These patient education animations and videos can be licensed for display on your website, tablet, closed network TV system or in waiting room. Each module is:

  • Customized with your practice or hospital name on the initial screen.
  • Each animation is accompanied with a brochure that your visitors can print directly from their own computer and is customized with your name, contact information and website address.
  • Can be customized into playlists and other content.


Display Options

  • Website
  • Android and Apple devices – download a mobile app and view your animated videos from your mobile devices.
  • Closed network TV system* –  videos to educate and engage your patients at the hospital bedside, in an ambulatory care facility or in your waiting room.
  • Waiting room  – Create your own ad-free waiting room television broadcasts. Select the procedures and condition videos that you need. Then combine our licensed videos with your YouTube videos and informational slides to create a looping presentation. You can run your broadcast in your waiting room to help educate your patients and promote you and your services. The easiest and least expensive option uses an app on Amazon’s $40 Fire TV Stick , Chromecast, or simply use a dedicated PC or Mac computer and run them from a free desktop application.

Annual Licensing

With an affordable annual fee schedule, you can display all the patient education animations you need. All animations are available in Spanish, at no added cost.


Customization is available to create custom playlists, branded slides and graphics. Ask us for details.

Your TV must have an HDMI port and internet connection. For hardware connection issues please consult the support website from the hardware manufacturer. Hardware support is not included. Fire TV Stick is a trademark of, Inc., Chromecast is a trademark of Google Inc. Apple TV is a trademark of Apple Inc.

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