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OBGYN Case Study

An OBGYN in Miami, FL sees tremendous growth in overall website traffic, rankings, and conversions with a powerful online marketing plan.

In the middle of a densely populated area for healthcare, and OBGYNs in particular, this group found themselves falling behind in rankings for a number of their top procedures and services, losing potential patients to competitors in the process. With very little content and a very underwhelming social media presence, they found themselves with little traction in the online space, relying mostly on internal marketing and word of mouth.

What we did

With a skilled team of providers on staff, Practis began by looking at the ability to capitalize on strong backlinking opportunities via off site listings. By cleaning up the NAP (name, address, phone number) for all physicians and locations, this group almost instantly saw an increase in website traffic. From there, the focus was on making them a thought leader amongst the community by developing keyword rich service line content along with engaging blog and social posts. By pairing this with healthy internal linking and ample patient education material, the group continues to see amazing success in conversions and patient acquisition.

How they won

In a period of about 3 years, this practice has seen and continues to see substantial results including:

Increase in New Users


Increase in Website Sessions


Increase in Form Submissions


Increase in Phone Calls