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Healthcare Listings Management

Grow your online presence by creating strong listings for your hospital, medical practice and physicians.

At its core, the ability to gain new patients is heavily dependent on how accurate your information is presented online. If someone is actively seeking information about your healthcare entity and they find the wrong phone number, address, or website, your risk losing a potential patient.

With our listings management program we will quickly generate an active listing for you in 70+ national directories, including Google, Amazon Alexa, and major players in the healthcare space. If you already have listings in these directories we’ll ensure that they’re consistent and accurate, keeping your overall online reputation strong in the process.

Benefits of Healthcare Listings Management

Improved Search Engine Results

Each of the directories that you’ll be placed in provide a healthy backlink to your website, and create a new piece of real estate on search engines. By keeping your hours, phone numbers, directions, and provider listings updated, you’re more likely to gain new patients quickly.

Duplicate or Inaccurate Listing Removal

A user finding inaccurate or duplicated data about your business can result in confusion, so it’s important to consistently clean up your listings. We’ll assist in suppressing any duplicated or outdated listings, and correcting any inaccurate ones as well.

Consistent Optimization for Conversion

A healthy, informative listing and lead to quick conversion for your physicians or practice. We’ll update your calls to action, practice information, and imagery to keep your healthcare listings enticing for potential patients.

Check Your Listings Score

Curious as to how your practice is performing? Check out your listings score today by putting in your information below. You can also give us a call at (704) 887-5300  or contact us online to learn more!

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