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Medical Reviews Management

Develop and nurture a robust online reputation for your medical practice

Medical Reviews Management


Word of mouth is still one of the strongest factors in acquiring new patients, and that doesn’t just mean person to person communication. In fact, nearly 85% of consumers trust online reviews as much as recommendations from a friend or family member. Do you think your practice can operate with only 15% of your local market?

How does our medical reviews program work?

Medical Patient ReviewsPractis Reviews is designed with ease in mind for both you and your patients. The focus is to take care of your existing reviews and entice your patients to inform the public of their positive experiences with your practice. Not only will this assist in acquiring new patients, but it can help your online marketing presence in the form of rankings and views to your main website and third party listings.

Medical Reputation Management

Step 1: Take care of your current reputation.

Regardless of if you have a five star rating or a two star rating, monitoring and responding to your existing reviews is important. We’ll help you develop HIPAA compliant responses to your positive and negative reviews, showing the public that your practice cares.

Healthcare Patient Reviews

Step 2: Develop strong patient review campaigns using your current patients.

Patients are usually very vocal about their experiences, and the public wants to see that. While getting your patients to leave reviews while in the office is ideal, we understand it isn’t always feasible. We’re here to help you develop strong, HIPAA compliant campaigns to request reviews from your current list of patients, ultimately helping your online reputation become stronger.

Medical Reviews Company

Step 3: Be proactive and stay in control of your reputation.

Reputation isn’t something you can set and forget, nor is it something you can do once and be done. It’s important to make sure that the weight of your reviews is strong on all third party review sites such as Google, Healthgrades, Facebook, ZocDoc, and more. Each month, we’ll actively look at where your reputation needs some strength and help you build successful campaigns for those sources.

Get started with Practis Reviews today!

The power of online reviews just continues to grow each and every day. That’s why Practis is here to help. Contact us at (704) 887-5300 to get started today, or submit a request online!