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Can I Stream Our YouTube Video Channel In Our Waiting Room?

We’ve all been in the position where we’re sitting in a waiting room for longer than we’d like. With long waits comes unhappy patients and, sometimes, bad reviews. So how can you make the most of that wait time, make your patients happy and improve patient education?

Answer – stream videos you’ve created and embedded from your YouTube Channel to your website into your waiting room.

How to Stream Your Educational Videos from YouTube Into Waiting Rooms

medical-waiting-room-videosIf you have a YouTube channel that’s filled with informative videos, advice and helpful tips from physicians and or clinical staff, streaming these videos into your waiting room could be a good option. Here are just a few inexpensive devices that can be used to stream your YouTube videos:

  • Smart Phone or Tablet
  • Smart TV App
  • Roku Streaming Media Player
  • Google Chromecast
  • Amazon TV

Why is Streaming YouTube Videos Better Than Using Licensed Videos?

A lot of practices provide patients with informative videos in waiting rooms, but streaming your own videos through YouTube could set you apart for a variety of reasons:

It’s personalized

Patients like knowing doctors on a more personal level. Videos help in this effort. Videos that the office created will elicit a more positive reaction than those that are mass-produced.

It’s more cost-effective

Licensed video content for your waiting room can be very expensive. Creating your own videos and uploading them to your YouTube channel is free! Today you can also just as easily create your own videos to upload to your channel.

Practically every smartphone today comes with an option to record video. A webcam or digital camcorder are other good options to consider.

Online marketing benefits

Streaming videos is an easy, cost-effective way to educate patients and increase traffic to your YouTube channel.

Not only will patients be aware that you have your own YouTube channel, but they will most likely use it as a resource after their visit if they see a video on a topic they’re interested in. In the future, they may also share it with family and friends. The more traffic your YouTube channel sees, the better. Your videos can also show up in organic search results.

Video topics

Next month we will talk about a few good video topics to consider for your practice.

Contact Practis for more information on the benefits of creating a YouTube channel and library for your practice.

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