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Get a Mobile Friendly Website – Receive a Reward from Google

Responsive Websites

Considering going mobile? Google is now rewarding websites that are mobile-friendly by supplementing mobile search results with a “mobile-friendly” label. This allows consumers to easily locate websites that are compatible with their device.

Criteria for Getting the “Mobile-Friendly” Label

Google will reward your website if it meets the following criteria:

  • Content scales properly to a mobile device or tablet
  • The text on the website is easy to read so consumers don’t have to zoom in on content
  • The website doesn’t include Flash
  • Links are properly spaced when the website is displayed on a mobile device

Benefits of Building a Responsive Site

The fact that building a mobile site benefits your business in terms of Google rankings is a huge benefit but it’s also helpful when it comes to keeping users happy.

Here are a couple benefits for your users if you choose to go responsive:

Improved user experience. Having your content scale so users can easily read while on the go is vital to increasing conversion rate and improving user experience.

Faster load time on a mobile device. Time is limited for everyone. A site that isn’t mobile will load very slowly on a mobile device, if it loads at all. If a user has to wait more than six seconds to view a page, the odds of them sticking around are slim to none. Updating the code on a site to the mobile version will result in a faster load time and happier customer.

Build a Mobile Website with Practis

Practis provides clients with unique mobile, website designs. Contact us today at 704-887-5300 for information on our services.

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