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Patient Engagement & Acquisition

Get patients engaged.

Imagine your appointment calendar filling up with qualified patients. Adding a hosted HIPAA compliant appointment request form or online quiz to your website or Facebook page encourages engagement by patients.

Only you and your selected staff have access to the submitted data. By logging into the Practis Forms dashboard, you can review incoming appointment request and survey submissions. This helps to qualify leads and identify the best approach.  All results from your forms are tracked and reported to you, showing exactly how many patients our online Medical Online Marketing Program is generating for you.

Promote wellness and improve outcomes.

Today patient engagement is one of the most important trends in healthcare. By connecting with, educating and servicing your patients through the use of effective digital tools, patient education information, and solutions, you can promote and wellness and build brand loyalty.

How? Engagement can take the form of:

These tools empower patients with the information they need to manage their conditions and live healthier lives.

It’s easy to get started

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