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Boev Clinic

low country urology

Boev Clinic provides comprehensive neurosurgery, pain management, and chiropractic services.  By utilizing the most innovative technologies combined with decades of surgical experience, Boev Clinic practitioners focus on patient care above all else.


  • Enhance patient satisfaction by digitizing their onboarding process with patients
  • Better manage and grow their online presence
  • Rank online in all major search engines for a variety of pain management, neurosurgical and chiropractic care terms in their area
  • Amplify that they are respected leaders in the treatment of issues to back and neck pain

How we helped

  • Designed a modern website that effectively scales across all devices.
  • Developed an online patient support center where patients can request an appointment, complete their paperwork, pay their bill or chat with the office staff, securely online
  • Added educational videos to better educate patients on their conditions and treatment options.
  • Strong digital marketing campaign with emphasis on content development and technical optimization.

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